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Amina and Tiara laughing outloud, standing in water at nude beach. The words “Live Authentically’ covers their nudity.
How do you live in a way that allows you to BE you?


In a recent discussion, I was reminded that while many of us survived 2020, thriving in it required a specific superpower: authenticity. We are being sold pleasure as a concept and novelty, being told what we should desire. The programming moved us out of our bodies, and as we started listening to how things should be, we stopped listening to ourselves.

We have become disconnected and lost touch. Where erotic Embodiment helps us reconnect with our true, authentic selves so that we can live a life of love, full expression, and authenticity — disembodiment is, essentially, losing touch with our own selves..

Tantra is connection. It allows us to tune in to the body, to learn more about what gives us pleasure, and this pleasure is what moves us in life. The pleasure we experience translates into how we manifest things, the amount of money we make, how we carry ourselves, what are needs are, and everything in our lives.

So how can we find more pleasure and live authentically? Here are 7 steps you can do to unleash the authentic you:

1. Release Shame

The word “shame” can bring up a lot of emotions and pain for us from memories we wish to best leave buried. It’s a charged word and what comes flooding with it brings recurring behaviors that can often sabotage us and limit us. It blocks our ability to enjoy aspects of our true selves that could offer light in the world, if we allowed ourselves to serve as witness to our authenticity.

Four things you can do to release shame

2. Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgiving can be quite challenging for most of us. We tend to dwell on the painful situations, on the harm that we did to others or to ourselves, and not quite make it out of that loop for months. Sometimes even years. And by holding on to this denser energy within our bodies, we are affecting ourselves the most.

3. Declutter

We were just talking about holding on to energy on the previous step. Energy is everywhere. It’s in everything that surrounds us, vibrating at different speeds. Just imagine these different frequencies hitting you from different directions.

4. Create, Create, Create

We are creators! This is something we either don’t know yet or that we may forget as we begin our healing work.

5. Eat For Your Soul

Food is delicate topic for some people, but the fact is that it plays a huge role in our relationship with our own bodies. It tells us how we feel about it, and how much love or care we are giving ourselves.

6. Start Holding Your Own Hand

We’ve gotten used to having someone else, something outside of us, being there for us to comfort us or perhaps distracts us. But the real shift to live authentically happens when we become responsible for ourselves. When stop relying on someone else to take every step, and instead we trust ourselves a little more each day to manage the emotions and situations as they come.

7. Center Your Own Pleasure

When it comes to pain and pleasure, chances we are more familiar with pain than with pleasure. We don’t really know pleasure, or have experienced it long enough, frequent enough, to know exactly what we are striving for. We have to take action into centering our own pleasure and the previous 6 steps are designed to get us there.

No matter where we are in our journey, we always need to show ourselves love and compassion. The healing space requires it. Authenticity demands it.

Let’s continue to show up for ourselves each day and give ourselves space to sit, explore, feel and just BE. To learn more and get some concrete ways to move through these 7 steps, check out my work on Patreon.

In pleasure & power,

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Amina Peterson

Amina is the founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality. She is a healer, sex doula, intimacy coach, tantric sex educator, and activist.