Amina Peterson

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My Mother (left) and Grandmother (right) in 70’s era Waukegan, Illinois

Amina and Tiara laughing outloud, standing in water at nude beach. The words “Live Authentically’ covers their nudity.
How do you live in a way that allows you to BE you?

As I wrap up my 2020, preparing my practice for the new year, I am reminded about sex (surprise) and how we approach it. There is so much self misrepresentation in the pursuit and practice of sex, that we can’t fully enjoy it. In the book “The Four Agreements,” author…

Black androgynous person holding face in hands.
On grief, fear and acceptance.

Amina Peterson

Amina is the founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality. She is a healer, sex doula, intimacy coach, tantric sex educator, and activist.

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